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Skin Therapy Machine

Salgspris$42.11 USD Normalpris$70.18 USD

Skin Therapy Machine
Skin Therapy Machine
Salgspris$42.11 USD Normalpris$70.18 USD

NuDermaSkin Therapy wand

Bring home the skin-transformingpower of natural electricity, oncefound only in dermatology andskin therapy clinics. NuDermatreatments are a fast and effectiveway to reveal skin that looks younger,clearer, smoother and glowing.

Four probes meet various facial problems

Mushroom Tubetreats large, flat areassuch as cheeks,forehead and jawline
Spot Tubetargets individualimperfections
Tongue Tubetargets eye area puffiness,nasolabial folds, andaround the nose
Comb Tubestimulates the scalp andenergizes hair follicles


Unbox NuDerma, read the user manual and inserts, andremove sticker labels from the glass tubes.
Plug in your wand and insert a glass tube, handlingit at the base.
Turn on the power dial. Optionally, you may ground thetube with your fingertip.Recommendation: First timeusing NuDerma? Try power level 2.Touch the glass tube to your skin and move it in smallcircles.Use NuDerma 2-3 times per week, for 2-3minutes at a time.